S級I-1世界泰拳賽會 教練証書

S-Class I-1 World Muay Thai Championship Coach Certificate

(25年泰拳教學以上年資及對泰拳界別有貢獻) 由創辦人審核

(For the person who has not less than 25 years teach experience in Muay Thai and with specific contribution to the sport) Review by the founder

Application fee: HKD$2,000

A級I-1世界泰拳賽會 教練証書

A-Class I-1 World Muay Thai Championship Coach Certificate

(金腰帶冠軍勝出者) 由創辦人審核


(Won by the Gold Belt Champion)
Application fee HKD$3000 Review by the founder

B級I-1世界泰拳賽會 教練証書

B-Class I-1 World Muay Thai Championship Coach Certificate

(需參實戰比賽勝出者) 如有必要需測試通過,申請費用5000元

(Requires victory in real combat competition)
Test may be required
Application fee: HKD$5,000

C級I-1世界泰拳賽會 教練証書

C-Class I-1 World Muay Thai Championship Coach Certificate

申請費用 8000元

Course: Exam required
Application fee: HKD$8,000

C級I-1世界泰拳賽會 教練訓練課程 (包考試費用)

C-Class I-1 World Muay Thai Championship Coach Certificate Course

25堂訓練 28000元 3個月內完成

25 training sessions, completed within 3 months
Course: Exam required
Tuition: HKD$28,000


Do not forget the original intention and keep the mission firmly in mind



Pass on all their Muay Thai techniques and knowledge.



Cultivate good sportsmanship in athletes and encourage boxers to follow the decisions of the certification and competition committees. (Wai Kru: The training of Muay Thai fighters, including virtues such as obedience, courage, gratitude, loyalty, and honesty, are all demonstrated in the Wai Kru dance.)



Provide a safe environment for athletes to practice in.



Try to prevent athletes from getting injured during practice.


如學員練習時受傷,教練應保持冷靜,為運動員施以合適的救治 (持有有效急救證書者),如有需要送院,盡快通知家人,並派人陪同傷者前往醫院。

If a student gets injured during practice, the coach should remain calm and provide appropriate treatment to the athlete (if holding a valid first aid certificate) and if hospitalization is necessary, notify family members as soon as possible, and accompany the injured person to the hospital.



Keep a record of student contact information for emergency purposes.




Do not disclose or provide a student’s personal information to others without their consent.



Pay attention to athletes’ training, gradually and systematically conducting safe and progressive practice, and communicating frequently with students.




Set a positive example of good behaviour for athletes.



Use appropriate language and behaviour when coaching athletes.



Do not force students to participate in combat training.



Encourage athletes to practice actively to develop a healthy body and mind.



Avoid harassing or discriminatory behaviour, including sexual harassment, racial discrimination, or disability discrimination.



Continuously learn about Muay Thai rules and related sports knowledge.


提點學員;不要使用武力去解決問題。Guide students and do not use force to solve problems.